JB Calibre Tilting Quick Hitch to suit 4 – 6.8 Ton Excavators


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$11,190.00 +GST

Calibre (formerly JB) Tilt Hitch to suit 4 to 6.8 Ton Excavators

New Zealand Imported. This is the Rolls Royce of tilting hitches.  Shorter and lighter than any competing actuator tilt in the market, the JB Calibre Tilting Hitch has the lowest profile available – maximising your break out force while retaining strength. Ideal in confined spaces such as digging narrow trenches because the width of this tilting hitch is close to the width of the dipper arm. Pair this tilt hitch with a sort of hydraulic grabs and you’ll improve job site productivity unbelievably.

  1. Maximum Break-out Force
    Lowest profile and most light-weight in the market, ensuring break-out forces are maximised.
  2. No Wider than Excavator Arm
    No wider than the boom arm making it ideal for working in confined and difficult hard-to-reach spaces
  3. 120°-180° Tilt Range
    Tilting capability ranges from 180° at the 8T level, 120° at the 12T level and up to 134° at the 16-35T level.
  4. German Actuator
    Fabricated construction. Manufactured from a careful selection of certified materials. Designed and imported from New Zealand
  5. Quick Hitch Base
  6. Fully Certified Lifting Eye
    Designed and tested to handle 200% of rated Working Load Limit (W.L.L.) with a verified design. An individual certification certificate can be issued as an optional extra on request.
  7. Compatible with GPS
    The use of GPS systems with the Heli-Tilt enables better accuracy and control from the cab.


1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

While it is robust, the very nature of the actuator setup means that some thought has to be given to using the Heli-Tilt where it is planned to use more aggressive attachments such as Rock breakers and other such equipment. Provided equipment such as a Rock Breaker is of an average size, matched to suit the weight class of the machine there will be no problem in using such attachments with a Heli-Tilt Coupler – but problems can emerge where maximum permitted and outsized equipment is used.

Note: it is the customer’s responsibility to connect the attachment to their machine. No hoses, pins or electrics supplied.

JB Calibre Tilting Quick Hitch to suit 4 – 6.8 Ton Excavators – Technical Specifications

Carrier Weight: 4 – 6.8 Ton
Tilt Range: 180 Degrees
Weight: 160kg
Max Bucket Width: 1400mm
Lifting Eye Capacity: 2000kg